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Fundação CEBI | new web portal


Client: Fundação CEBI
Website: www.fcebi.org
Release Date: February 2016

Full IT re-designed and developed a new web portal for Fundação CEBI.

CEBI – a Foundation for the Community Development of Alverca, also known as CEBI Foundation, is a non-profit social solidarity private institution, which directs its activity towards children, young adults, elderly people and families, taking in particular account the most disadvantaged. Based in Alverca, in Vila Franca de Xira, where its activities began in 1968, from the initiative and will to intervene of a group of residents from this city, led by José Álvaro Vidal, its growth was defined in accordance with innovative responses that were adequate to the pressing social needs

With Drupal technology the web portal has funcionalities such as microsites and several registration forms.

For users, the portal offers a new responsive design interface, easier to use in desktop and mobile platforms, faster navigation and more content, including audio, video and a new calendar service dedicated to all the CEBI’s events.