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Organiiza: cloud based CRM


Client: Tools'n'go
Website: www.organiiza.com
Release Date: December 2012

Full IT developed Organiiza, a cloud based platform for contacts and client relationship management. The Organiiza platform includes, among other features:

• Tools for managing contacts;
• SMS messages management;
• E-mail communications management;
• Notes;
• Digital marketing tools;
• Online marketing training;
•Multiple languages support.

Organiiza also integrates tools for creating and managing an affiliates network, which allows its users to attract new customers to the site and create a business based on this activity.

Organiiza is based on a concept of "online community" being its tools and features available only to its subscribers and depending on the level of service subscribed.

The project was developed using the Zend framework, PHP, Javascript and HTML and  it is based on a modular and service-oriented architecture.