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Lisboa Participa - CML


Client: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Website: www.lisboaparticipa.pt

The Lisboa Participa is a crowdsourcing web portal, developed in Siteseed 3 technology, that translates into a new vision for the Lisbon municipality: the citizen as a co-producer/partner.

The goal was to build a platform that gathers all municipal participation initiatives, to permanently interact with those who live, study, work, travel or simply enjoy the city of Lisbon.

The portal provides new innovative tools such as:

  • Web 2.0 tools for citizens to interact with the city council and be heard by the community;
  • Open access to city data from public and private sources through a public API and webservices;
  • Use of mobile platforms for the relationship with citizens
The most relevant crowdsourcing tool provided is the participated budget:
  • Evey year citizens can submit online proposals for projects in the city of Lisbon 
  • The projects are voted online by citizens. 
  • The most voted projects are included in the municipality annual budget
The Lisboa Participa project includes the Lisbon public API. In this system developed by Full IT, data is retrieved from several public databases and systems and is provided for citizens and organisations through a standard interface. Citizens and organisations can get and transform the information offering new services or data views