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"Visit Belém" crafted by Full IT

For the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the "Portuguese World Exhibition" (June 23, 1940), Centro Cultural de Belém commissioned Full IT for developing the "Visit Belém" web portal (www.visitbelem.pt). 

This interactive platform, developed in Siteseed 3 technology, aggregates all the information concerning the Belém area: tourist routes, monuments, events, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The web portal encourages and stimulates a visit to Belém, by day or by night, and promotes local initiatives.

"Visit Belém" integrates responsive design technologies, so any citizen can access the website through any web browser or platform, including smartphones and tablets and is available, in this first version, in Portuguese and English.

Full IT also made an effort to guarantee a high level of accessibility of the portal (currently with a score of 10 points).


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