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Full IT: A new brand for new challenges

During a coffee break, in the 1997 Internet World Conference in Lisbon, a idea emerged for a new company that could help companies and organizations to benefit from the potential of the internet. Some months later, in 1998, we started our company - Mr.Net.  

We lived the internet boom and the crash of dotcom companies. The massification of e-mail, the advent of blogs, social networks and mobile apps. It was a long run were we developed more than one hundred IT and internet projects for our customers and partners.

Today we are changing our company brand - Full IT. It reinforces the original spirit: we just love to use technology and to think out of the box. We will continue to invest in innovation and we want to use our expertise to help companies and the public sector to offer better products and services to customers and citizens. We want to explore new markets, new ideas, new technologies.

Mr.Net 2.0 is starting and new challenges will emerge. And we will continue to share our passion for technology. 


Álvaro Amorim Pinto - CEO

Paulo Laureano - CTO


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