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Full IT

Our company was established in 1998 as Mr.Net - an internet services company, focused in e-mail and web solutions.

Our goal was to help companies and organizations in their internal and external communication strategies, creating new channels to communicate with its public and partners, using the internet network and internet based technologies.

During the 1998-2001 internet boom, Full IT helped companies like FNAC, RTP and Media Capital in their first steps in the new era of internet.

Besides creating web sites for its customers, Full IT has developed new capabilities in the fields of software design and development, as well as IT consultancy, systems administration, security audit and custom made enterprise applications.

Siteseed  – a software platform for development and management of web content developed by Full IT, makes possible the integrated development and maintenance of both technical components and website contents.

Today, Full IT, is a well-known services provider in the planning and development of web projects and the use of Internet as business tools. Its technological know-how and open minded attitude generates innovative and efficient solutions that help companies and institutions to leverage their efficiency.

Full IT is a member of ESOP - open source enterprise's association.


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